PK 550 Crore Worldwide in 17 Days


Bollywood actor Aamir Khan just got a blockbuster start to 2015 with his film PK breaking all previous records to become Bollywood’s highest grossing film of all time in the domestic market, a position previously held by the actor’s Dhoom:3.

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33 Years Later, Bob Marley

In 2008, a group of Croatian and Serbian musicians erected a statue of Bob Marley to symbolize Serbia’s dedication to creating enduring peace in the Balkans. In New Zealand, Marley’s music has become an integral part of the celebrations of Waitangi Day, an important national holiday celebrating peace accords between European settlers and native Maori tribes. In Canada earlier this year, Toronto Mayor Rob Fordofficially declared Marley’s birthday an official holiday. The world over, it’s as if Marley were still alive. To those familiar with the Marley of murals and novelty merchandise of all kinds, he may seem like the world’s cheeriest stoner. … Continue reading 33 Years Later, Bob Marley