Best Native Ad Networks for Online Publishers

6. TripleLift

CaptureTripleLift currently has 400+ advertisers and 2300+ publishers. This includes advertisers like Microsoft, Nissan, GAP, jetBlue, Kraft, Land Rover, Campbell’s, AT&T and publishers like Men’s Fitness, Conde Nast, Digg, USA Today, Atlantic Media, eHow, Hearst, and more.

5. NativoCapture

Nativo is a technology platform that allows publishers and advertisers to scale, automate, and measure native ads. Currently, more than 300 brands and 350 publishers use Nativo’s platform to power their next-generation digital advertising.

4. Gravity

CaptureBrands, advertisers, and even content producers can access the publisher networks to promote sponsored stories to increase their reach and visibility. Many leading brands such as Charles Schwab, Sony, Intel, Toshiba, Gap, AOL, WordPress, Pando Daily, The Hollywood Reporter, and TechCrunch use Gravity’s platform to meet their brand and readership goals.

3. Taboola


The quality of recommended content found on Outbrain is usually higher because they pre-filter content that they consider to be spam, Taboola takes pride in its Taboola Choice feature where users can offer feedback on what recommendations they don’t like, so that the platform is constantly learning and improving from user feedback.

2. Outbrain


Publishers get paid proportionate to the traffic that they’re able to divert to the advertiser website. Outbrain employs behavioral targeting to increase user engagement and provides recommendations for several media types, including online, video, and mobile.

It claims to be installed on more than 35,000 websites, serving over 150 billion recommendations and 15 billion page views per month – reaching over 87% of U.S. Internet users.

1. Revcontent

CaptureRevcontent is the fastest growing content recommendation network, and even starting 5 years after Outbrain and Taboola, they are quickly catching up and even surpassing. According to comscore, their network reaches more users than Amazon and YouTube. A few of their exclusive partnerships are names like Newsweek, International Business Times, The Christian Post, Diply,, and more.

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